2018 – The Year of MORE, for Salesforce Admins and Developers

A new year brings New Year’s resolutions – and Salesforce admins and developers can resolve to make 2018 the year of MORE! In this blog, we’ll look at what MORE (Massive Opportunities, Right Effort) means in the context of your life and career.

More opportunities for Salesforce admins and developers to learn more

2017 brought a Massive Opportunity for the #SalesforceOhana to learn more and enhance their careers, and it’s only going to get better. Not only has Trailhead continued its wild growth – in 2016 there were 1 million total badges earned, and just a year later 450,000 users worldwide earned 3 million badges – but there are even more learning choices for Salesforce admins and developers. With the Right Effort, you’ll be more valuable to your employers, and achieve more for yourself.

Salesforce Saturdays

Started in Austin Texas in 2015 by Trailblazer Stephanie Herrera, Salesforce Saturdays are now happening around the world – no matter if you live in New Delhi, Dallas, London, Boston, or Den Bosch, you’ll find a group to support your Salesforce progress.

Community-Based Study Groups

There are nearly 30 Study Groups listed in the Trailblazer Community, some for specific Certifications, some to connect people who live or work in the same city or region.

Online courses, such as Salesforce Ben’s Certification tips and courses

Get the guidance and practice you need to ace your Certifications from experienced admins and developers like Ben McCarthy.

More opportunities for Salesforce admins and developers to BE more

In 2018, massive opportunities for learning and career growth come along with the chance to give back – to do MORE and to be MORE.


Salesforce admins and developers can cultivate career skills in leadership and support equality in tech by volunteering with organizations like PepUpTech, with groups like #Trailhead4All, or through Salesforce’s Pro Bono program.

Giving Back

Giving back is encoded in the Salesforce DNA through their “1-1-1 Model of Integrated Philanthropy,” and through their influence across the Ohana via the “Pledge 1%” program.

What’s your plan to achieve MORE and to be MORE in 2018?

The first step in achieving MORE should be to benchmark yourself against your peers. It’s easy to do, using the 4th Annual Trailblazer Community Survey. You’ll learn how you compare to peers across salary levels, experience, Certifications, and even educational background.

The Survey gathered demographic, salary, tech adoption, and other insights from 420 Salesforce administrators, developers, and others in the Salesforce community. The questions in the survey have been informed by ongoing discussions with Salesforce admins and developers about what they want most to learn about their peers.

For example, the #SalesforceOhana wanted to know whether admins were augmenting their admin skills with developer skills. The survey found that, while 51% of responders consider themselves admins, 26% now consider themselves to be both admin and developer. This means that, to stay career-competitive, admins should consider adding some developer skills to their toolkit, and more admins should consider going to TrailheaDX.

This year, as last, Apttus co-sponsored the Survey with Spanning; and Spanning committed to making donations for survey responses to Project Night Night, a frequent beneficiary of the Salesforce Ohana’s “giving back” ethos. This year’s donation of $10 for each unique survey completion ensured Project Night Night received $4200 with which to provide comfort kits for homeless children during emergency shelter stays.

Download the infographic here – and for even more detailed benchmarking, download the complete survey summary data here.

Once you self-evaluate how your skills and experience stack up compared to others in the #SalesforceOhana, you can prioritize what might help take your professional and personal growth to the next level.

By taking advantage of the Massive Opportunities for learning and volunteering above, and by applying the Right Effort, every Salesforce admin and developer can make 2018 their MORE year.

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