5 AppExchange App’s I couldn’t live without

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As a Salesforce Certified Administrator, I am always looking for tools that I can use to improve the way we work in Salesforce. The AppExchange is a great place to find game changing products that can really drive your company’s Salesforce experience. In the two and a half years that I have been working with Salesforce, I have had the chance to try out a bunch of apps. Here are the 5 AppExchange apps I couldn’t live without.


DemandTools by CRMfusion is a suite of data quality and data cleansing tools. DemandTools allows you to control, standardize, verify, import and deduplicate salesforce data.

Over the past 12 to 18 months I have become so reliant on DemandTools that I am not sure I could imagine working without it. I use the MassEffect and PowerGrid features multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day! DemandTools allows me to insert, upsert & modify existing records either by uploading data in a csv or by criteria in a search based interface. It is easy to use and fast. A couple of examples: Modifying the territory on accounts due to a restructuring of our sales teams, populating or modifying multiple fields on cases, accounts or contacts, hundreds (or even thousands) of records at a time. On top of this app’s excellent functionality, is the great support and tons of training available from CRMFusion for their DemandTools suite.


LevelEleven’s kind of like a Fitbit for sales teams. You can use LevelEleven to identify the key behaviours you want your sales team to focus on. Allowing you to provide your salespeople with personalize analytics, historical trends and peer comparisons. Get informed when sales performance is lagging, and find out what you can do about it. When LevelEleven informs you that you need a quick, impactful improvement in a sales behavior, you can easily and quickly build your own internal campaign around it.

I was introduced to LevelEleven and their Gamification product back at the 2013 Toronto Customer tour. Back then it was called Compete and it was a way to drive behaviour using competitions. We have used it to motivate our Sales Reps to ensure data integrity on our accounts, by taking advantage of fun competitions for our IT team and our consumer affairs group. The competitions are easy to setup, easy to track and add a fun element to our work days. They offer out of the box leaderboards that can be shared with your whole team or office. As a bonus, everyone I have dealt with at LevelEleven has been super helpful and professional.

Clicktools is the premium survey app for business. It offers a powerful set of enterprise-class capabilities, most notably the first and best feedback-in-CRM integration available. It enables users to improve customer experience by collecting, centralizing, and acting on feedback, leveraging the power of CRM.

We use Clicktools for our IT Support & Consumer Affairs case closed surveys, post seminar surveys and to gather feedback after our Company’s quarterly Town Halls. I have even built out a use case where one of our vendors can use a Clicktools web form to update a custom object with scheduled dates for deliveries and set ups. To say the Clicktools is just a survey app is absolutely selling it short. Clicktools offers web to lead, web to case, event follow up and more. One of the biggest reasons we use Clicktools is that the interface is simple and easy to use, our users can even build their own surveys or web forms and they don’t all have to come through the IT department.

ContactMonkey started out as email tracking, allowing you to get real time feedback on which of your emails are generating the most interest. As you can imagine this is an invaluable tool for salespeople. No more guessing about which email campaigns have worked, or if a contact or lead is reading your emails. ContactMonkey has since evolved into a powerful Salesforce to Email integration tool. Allowing you access to your salesforce from your email. Contacts, leads, and even custom objects can all be updated and even created right from your Outlook or Gmail mailbox.

Now to be perfectly up front, I do some freelance blogging for ContactMonkey as well use the product. Our inside sales team makes use of ContactMonkey to track their emails and get valuable data on engagement with their customers. We have started making better use of the Salesforce-Outlook integration also. I use it to create my IT support cases when people email me with issues or requests. I can turn an email into a case with a few clicks and a couple of seconds. As an IT guy I don’t make use of a lot of the ContactMonkey mail tracking features. I could do much more as a sales person. ContactMonkey offers Lead, Contact and Opportunity manipulation all without having to leave your Outlook or Gmail. They now offer Custom Object support to your Salesforce as well. With just a little configuration by your Salesforce Admin you can be working with your Custom Objects right out of Outlook or Gmail and save time swapping between screens and without having to copy and paste everything.

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Conga Composer allows you to automatically create documents by merging data directly from salesforce into your custom created MS Office templates. You can create welcome letters; generate quotations and invoices to drive your pipeline. If you really want automation add on the Conga Conductor package for a truly automated process. Docusign allows you to electronically sign documents and easily send electronic documents for signatures in just minutes.

I have only recently started to make use of Conga and Docusign, but they are products that offer a ton of time saving and efficiency for anyone that uses Salesforce. I put these two together because we purchased them as a package deal from Docusign and even though I think both are excellent products by themselves; I have been using them together to create completely automated work processes. The first thing we did with Conga/Docusign was automate our Hardware Ownership forms in Salesforce. Anytime we deploy IT equipment we now use Conga to generate our Hardware form and Docusign allows our associates to sign the forms electronically, saving us from having to print and scan and email, then print and scan and email each form. Conga lets you build templates using your Salesforce data and objects to populate the forms or documents. You can create robust, great looking invoices or welcome letters with just a couple of clicks, or even automate the process using Salesforce workflows.


There are so many more apps out there. You can find Calendar apps, integrations apps, data backup apps, mapping apps, and much much more. If you are someone who uses Salesforce you owe to yourself to explore the AppExchange!

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  3. Awesome post! Conga Composer + DocuSign = peanut butter and jelly. Also, interesting to note that LevelEleven was acquired, so we might see some new products/integrations from them soon.

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