Average Salesforce Salaries Infographic

In association with Salesforce Ben Jobs I’m pleased to publish the average Salesforce salaries Infographic. This has been put together over a couple of months by myself and Elliot Hebert of Thinkaholics.

This Infographic should give Salesforce professionals and people looking to make a career move, an idea about where they can fit into the market in terms of salary. This Infographic was compiled using data from various sources online and includes data from the recruitment consultancy, Third Republic over here in the UK.


*US Salary data is based off top earning cities such as SFO & NYC

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16 thoughts on “Average Salesforce Salaries Infographic

  1. Hey Ben –

    Thanks for posting this. Great stuff. Question: any idea why the nearly 2-to-1 discrepancy between US and UK salaries (ignoring for now the exchange rate between dollars and pounds)? I’ve experienced in other IT areas (e.g. the Microsoft .Net stack), not just Salesforce. It seems as though UK companies don’t value developer talent to the extent that US companies do. Any idea why? Curious as to any feedback you have on this.

    Keep up the great work!
    — Chris

    1. Hi Chris, my pleasure!

      I’m not sure it’s a case of not valuing the talent, I think it’s purely on the cost of living. The infographic was only done on high cost of living areas in the USA, because this is where the data was the richest (No pun intedned!). If you do a bit of a comparison on http://www.numbeo.com or similar for London Vs New york, or san fran. The rental prices are seriously higher (Especially in san fran). I’m no expert on the job market, but my initial reaction would be the above. I rarely hear about Salesforce developers being unhappy with their salaries!


  2. Ben, I just gotta say… these average salaries are incorrect. I know many Salesforce consultants/developers/professionals in San Francisco, Indianapolis, and other large cities and most make much higher salaries than this. IF YOU ARE MAKING LESS THAN $150K USD AS A DEVELOPER then you are getting taken for a ride! Trust me, you are in demand, so demand more $$.
    This infographic is a joke.

  3. In the infographic above, why is the developer (“the coder”) a woman?? that does not seem very realistic. thoughts?

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