Average Salesforce Salaries


Looking at starting a professional career in Salesforce? Or are you currently working in a Salesforce environment and interested in what you could potentially earn?

Salesforce is becoming an increasingly vital tool for organisations to run their businesses from, and as this need increases, so do the salaries. I’ve ventured and researched across various different websites to gather up to date, comprehensive data around average salesforce salaries in various different fields.

1. Technical Architect – $130,000 (£83k)

At the top of the food chain we have Technical Architects. This role involves knowing the Salesforce platform, web services, various development languages and business processes inside out. There are only around 100 Salesforce certified Technical Architects in the world and for a good reason, you have to be incredibly skilled in everything Salesforce. Business Insider has ranked Salesforce Technical Architect’s as the highest paid skill you can have today, at a senior level you can look to make upwards of $200,000!

2. Salesforce Consultant – $114,000 (£73k)

Junior Starting Position – $47,000 (£30k)

Salesforce Consultants are in huge demand at the moment and for good reason. It is rare that you will come across a Salesforce Implementation that has not had some sort of interaction with a Salesforce Consultant. And with the Salesforce customer base ever expanding this number is only going to increase. In a Salesforce Consultant role you can expect to be interacting with clients on a daily basis, assessing needs, business requirements and converting these into a Salesforce solution. Consultants are also expected to have a deep understanding around Salesforce Configuration and features.

3. Salesforce Project Manager- $94,000 (£60k)

As with the increasing number of Salesforce implementations, so do the Project Manager roles to run the projects. Salesforce Project Managers are expected to have a deep understanding of the Salesforce Platform as well as Cloud Computing and its application inside a business. Strong requirements gathering skills and proof of successful project implementation is a must.

4. Salesforce Business Analyst- $90,000 (£58k)

Junior Starting Position – $55,000 (£35k)

Salesforce Business Analyst’s will sometimes be employed by a consultancy to analyse business requirements and translate these into Salesforce solutions. They can also be employed to run, manage and analyse an internal companies Salesforce implementation. Similarly, Business Analysts are required to have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform and what can and can’t be achieved with standard functionality.

5. Salesforce Developer – $87,000 (£56k)

Junior Starting Position – $47,000 (£30)

Salesforce Developers will work Internally with medium to large implementations of Salesforce but also with Consultancy’s. Salesforce Developers will primarily be tasked with using Apex Code and Visualforce to extend Salesforce standard functionality. Developers will also use Java and other programming languages to interact with Salesforce. Developers are also required to have a good understanding of Salesforce features and when it is appropriate to use code.

6. Salesforce Administrator – $64,000 (£41k)

Junior Starting Position – $40,000 (£25k)

Salesforce Administrators run the show and are the go to people inside businesses. Administrators are expected to have a deep understanding of the configuration side of Salesforce, it is also helpful for an administrator to know when it is appropriate to go to a developer for feature extensions. Day to day tasks involve setting up users, administration and training. Project work will also feature heavily in an Administrator role.

Average Salesforce salaries were researched and averages across Indeed, Payscale and ItJobWatch. From my findings USA and UK Salaries were pretty similar with an obvious weighting in London/San Francisco areas. 

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15 thoughts on “Average Salesforce Salaries

  1. This is a really good breakdown of roles. Probably worth mentioning that you can get an even better ‘salary’ if you work in this area as a Contractor, although job security is not guaranteed!

    1. ben@ben-mccarthy.com


      Very true! Over here in the UK it seems £250-500 is the normal day rate for an Administrator role and anything up to and above £500 for a Developer/Consultant/Business Analyst.

  2. there is only one issue with the technical Architect.
    Too many people call themselves or are called by their employing consultancy technical architect, but if you look up those guys on the Salesforce verification , they never show up, but the customer / client pays….I wish the clients would know about this link and use it before signing

    1. ben@ben-mccarthy.com


      I agree it can be a bit confusing. But to fair I think there is a difference between Certified Salesforce Technical Architect and a Salesforce Technical Architect. The same way you can be a Salesforce Administrator without actually holding any certifications. I agree that all employers should use Salesforce Verification though, I’ve come across various people in the community that have lied about Certifications.

      1. Sure, if you buy into that you need certs to prove that you have the ability to work inside SFDC. At what point does experience out weigh certs, the only employers that should be using the Salesforce verification are the ones that don’t understand or know what they are looking for in a developer/admin. It’s actually off putting for me when they say it is required, it tells me that they aren’t experienced with the platform

  3. Hey Ben-Love your site and really enjoyed your most recent Chatter Adoption post. I live in the Bay Area and I have 10+ years of experience with the Salesforce platform. The first 5 years were as a “client” i.e. I implemented it as a business executive. Then I changed careers and became a Salesforce geek. I think your Salary data is off 🙂 by quite a bit. I am doing a research project at the moment with a couple of recruiters and so have been doing lots of BingGoogling around. No one could afford to live in the Bay Area at what you quote for the entry level on the BA/Dev and Admin roles at the entry level. Also, you don’t mention anything in your post about certifications. There is a direct corollary between the number/type of certifications one has earned and the salary s/he commands. I am not trying to be critical. It’s just that I don’t want anyone to sell themselves short. But, don’t take my word for it. Here is a presentation from the Denver SFDC user group. http://www.slideshare.net/sfdcdenver/2014-denver-user-group-annual-salary-survey It’s a salary survey taken right around the same time you posted this. It shows much higher averages. It’s a totally different cost of living. So, just suggesting you correct the data…not for me 🙂 just for the greater good… Or feel free to tell me to bugger off 🙂 Thanks for listening. Amy

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks and I’m really glad you enjoy the site.

      This post was made purely off my own research using the listed websites and also my own experiences. At the end of the post I also state that “From my findings USA and UK Salaries were pretty similar with an obvious weighting in London/San Francisco areas” – Meaning that in “normal” cities I found these salaries to be a pretty good average. I can’t speak for how the weighting works in cities like Denver though as I’m just not sure of the living costs. I have seen the Denver annual salary and I direct people to it all the time who are looking for a raise and want to see their market value, its a great example.

      I think overall you can try and average out salaries using so many different variables, years of overall experience, salesforce experience, number of certs, location, size of company, sector, etc. This post was just meant to give people an idea of the salaries involved in Salesforce against the various job titles you can have, I am actually planning a few other posts in collaboration with recruiters. Watch this space!



  4. hello
    i am Student of Master Of Computer Application and I am in last year Currently i Have Joined Classes to learn Salesforce. i am
    Confused Before Reading this artical. i Need more support to go in Right Direction As i have decided to do Developer 401. any other Certification Should i go for this is ok as Fresher To Market.

  5. I am panning to take “email specialist” certification exam and wondering if you have any tips to better prepare the exam. I am taking the “MC email essentials 101” course but is that enough to pass the exam with no prior MC email experience. What else can you recommend

  6. Ben, i think this salary ranges are off quite a bit. In our area (DC) you wont find a posting for an Admin for less than 80K. There is a Mason Frank survey available as well.
    I think the salary ranges displayed on this website are need to be corrected, as they skew employer’s expectation when searched on internet.

  7. Ben, i think this salary ranges are off quite a bit. In our area (DC) you wont find a posting for an Admin for less than 80K. There is a Mason Frank survey available as well.

    I think the salary ranges displayed on this website are need to be corrected, as they skew employer’s expectation when searched on internet.

  8. These salaries are way low (incorrect!) You can easily make $140K + USD starting salary as a Salesforce Developer. Just sayin’.

  9. Hi everyone
    I was wondering what would be reasonable salary for someone who is Admin 201 & 211 certified, however, no real time experience in sales force . Just starting my career, so confused about many things. BTW I am in NYC. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Toma, It’s hard to say as I don’t know the USA market as well as the UK. Personally if you were in the UK I would say around 20-25k GBP. Being certified is great, but having hands on experience in combination is where the real value comes from.

  10. Hey Ben,

    Very nice break down of the salaries you have mentioned. But, I also wanted to know the average salary packages for European countries to be more specific about Latvia. To be honest I am in talks with someone for an opportunity to work over there and I do not have any information about packages, standard of living, taxes etc. They are asking me to relocate over there so it will be very difficult for me if the package is not satisfactory. So, before I go into any negotiations, I just want to get a rough idea about the salaries over there. If you can help me with any sort that would be much appreciated man. Thank you in advance.

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