The App Assessor – RingsTrue

  Overview Highlights Notes • Enterprise Edition and Up • Doesn’t count towards object / tab limits Lightning Ready Great for orgs that phone record information that is of a poor quality Couples with the Sales Cloud well Great scheduling functionality for consistent cleansing Super… Read More

The App Assessor – Work Relay

The word “Automate” often strikes fear into the hearts of admins and can very quickly turn into a workflow spaghetti. Work Relay’s Enterprise Business Process Management App not only reinvents automation in Salesforce, but it turns a process mess into a scalable, business friendly, and… Read More

Salesforce Wave is Verticalising

We can see through the array of vertical-specific applications, solutions and messaging, that verticalising has been a long-term strategy of Salesforce’s. Now that they’re cosy with every vertical, in FY17 there was a real push to extend specialisation into their ISV and SI network. It is a well-known… Read More