Einstein Features Across The Clouds – One Year on (Infographic)

Salesforce Einstein was unveiled one year ago next month, kickstarting Benioff’s mission to change the face of CRM and take it to the level: from reactive to predictive.

To mark the first anniversary of Salesforce Einstein, I set out to create an infographic that could see how many of mine & others’ predictions made last year ended up becoming reality now in 2017.

Although we were warned that it would take considerable time for AI to be in the hands of users, over the course of a year we’ve seen plenty of exciting announcements that have kept the industry on its toes.

Being such a feature rich platform, I had to be selective. On the infographic, I’ve included one feature or tool per cloud – the one with the one that’s most developed and deployed, or has a ‘wow factor’.

Product & feature descriptions are amended excerpts from the below linked webpages. Visit these pages to get the complete picture.

Analytics Cloud

Einstein Discovery
‘conducts thousands of statistical checks to confirm each trend is valid, & provides intelligent explanations for the patterns it identifies’
Summer 17’ features

Sales Cloud

Einstein High Velocity Sales
‘Everything needed to sell faster all in one screen…identify key contacts…score and prioritise new leads…It’s the next generation of sales, powered by AI.’

Service Cloud

Einstein Case Management
‘Cases automatically escalated & classified using machine learning. Information to resolve cases are surfaced, saving agents valuable time & creating improved customer experiences.’

Commerce Cloud

Einstein Commerce Insights
‘a shopping cart analysis…empowers brands to understand which products are most commonly purchased together…gives a granular view of shopping activity, including product-specific sales and top co-purchase categories.’

Community Cloud

Newsfeed Insights
‘when Einstein generates “Top Questions,” it lists them in order of what’s most important to each subject–relevance of views, likes, & comments are considered, not just the most recent or newest postings.’

Marketing Cloud

Predictive Audiences
‘take action on Predictive Scores & build audience segments of people showing multiple predicted behaviors in common.’
Send-time Optimisation
‘maximize email marketing ROI by automatically delivering messages exactly when subscribers are most likely to engage.’

IoT Cloud (Internet of Things)

IoT Device Journeys
‘able to recommend the next best action, whether it’s launching a marketing journey specific to the usage pattern it has identified, or intelligently routing a case

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