Evolution of Salesforceben.com

For people that are interested in setting up their own Salesforce blog, I thought it might be useful, alongside my “Setting up a Salesforce Blog” post to show you the evolution of Salesforce Ben and how it started out life as a simple text based blog. I’ll also go into detail about the features I added at each level to engage visitors more.

SalesforceBen 1.0 – April 2014

screencapture-web-archive-org-web-20140418114539-http-www-salesforceben-com-1443101191417This was my first iteration of SalesforceBen back when I first started the blog in April of last year. I didn’t spend a huge amount of time setting up this template and found a free one via wordpress.com. The main reason for this is that I was completely new to blogging and was eager to start writing ideas and thoughts down. When you are first starting out with blogging, always focus on the content and not your site as much. The only things you need to focus on are making it readable to your viewers. As long as your site is clear and easy to navigate, readers aren’t going to mind about the design or how many fancy features you have.


  • Simple free WordPress Theme
  • Home page contains previews of all posts.
  • Jetpack WordPress Mailing list
  • Social Icons
  • Contact me form (Not visible)

SalesforceBen 2.0 – Dec 2014


This was my second iteration of SalesforceBen that went live back in October 2014. The main reason for me wanting to pursue another design was because I had out grew the first. I had a need to create more diverse and complex posts and wanted to feature a more interactive homepage with multiple plugins and post images. The first design had a very thin page width that did not allow me to add too many items to the page. This WordPress theme is actually called “2012” which was made by WordPress themselves.


  • More advanced template
  • Top pages & posts section
  • 2 sidebars instead of 1 to show more information
  • Featured App section
  • Images added to post preview


SalesforceBen 3.0 – Sep 2015

screencapture-www-salesforceben-com-1443103007707 (1)This is my most current version of SalesforceBen that went live back in April 2015. The reason for the change was once again outgrowing the previous template, it also did not fit in with my vision for where I want the site to go. My vision for the site changed from a personal blog to more of an industry Salesforce blog featuring guest personal bloggers as well as companies coming on to show off features and Apps. The main reason I went to this choice of template was to be able to fit more into the homepage to give readers a choice of options of the most popular and featured posts at that time, as well as making it look a lot more professional. This site took a great deal of time to design and customize compared to my previous two.


  • Redesigned simplified, thinner logo that takes up less space
  • New template
  • Featured section of posts
  • Image based popular posts section
  • Editors Choice section at the bottom of the page
  • Mail Chimp integration


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  1. Blimey dread to think what my blog used to look like… actually just imported a couple of old posts from 2009 into my latest blog… I do remember my very first website was back in 97 ish and had animated gifs of flaming torches and crazy colours 🙂

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