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Mason Frank International’s 3rd annual Salesforce salary survey is just coming to a close, so make sure you’ve filled out the survey for your chance to win an Apple Watch. Each year Mason Frank process data submitted by Salesforce professionals, from thousands of data points into one of the most insightful Salesforce salary surveys to date.


This year, everyone who responds to the salary survey will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple Watch, so if you fancy a bit of swag to show off at Dreamforce and have a few minutes to spare head on over to Mason Frank International and take the survey to be in with a chance to win. I’ve personally used Mason Frank’s data in my own average salary posts and there is extensive data in there for every role and seniority level.

Last Years Key Findings

– Men are paid an average of 17% more than women for the same job. Average salaries of male and female Salesforce professionals are $129,567 and $109,816 respectively.


– Average salaries around the world increased by 6.2%

– Most popular roles are Salesforce developers (20%), administrators (15%) and consultants (10%)

– 1 in 3 employees are looking to change jobs

Salesforce roles are usually full time positions but 11% are freelancers. 84% of positions were full time and only 1% of people work in a part time position.


Employment Status

? Permanent ­ Full Time 84%

? Permanent ­ Part Time 1%

? Freelance 11%

? Not working 4%

Top 6 Salesforce Job Roles

1. Developer/Programmer 19.7%

2. Administrator 14.1%

3. Consultant ­ Tech & Func 10%

4. Business Analyst 8.8%

5. Solution Architect 7.7%

6. Technical Architect 6.6%

Top 6 employee benefits

1. Laptop 64% 2.

Health insurance 64%

3. Bonus 61%

4. Dental plan 51%

5. Work from home 50%

6. Flexible hours 46%

Certification breakdown

? Salesforce® Certified Administrator 43%

? Salesforce® Certified Advanced Administrator 18%

? Salesforce® Certified Sales Cloud Consultant 19%

? Salesforce® Certified Service Cloud Consultant 12%

? Salesforce® Certified Developer 60%

? Salesforce® Certified Advanced Developer 5%

? Salesforce® Certified Technical Architect 1%

? No Certification 19%

? Other 7%


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