Free eBook – Top 10 Salesforce Certification Tips

This eBook has been written for Salesforce professionals who are looking to maximize their learning when revising for those all important Certifications. Over the years I’ve discovered and also picked up tricks from fellow community members and colleagues that have really helped me when studying for, and taking these examinations. I’d like to share some with you in the form of this free eBook..

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3 thoughts on “Free eBook – Top 10 Salesforce Certification Tips

  1. Nice work ! Thanks for this that I will probably be use for the certification plan of my company. The only small error concerns the way certification results are given because it changed recently 🙂

  2. Hi Ben,

    I read your tips. Thank you.

    I had a similar “three column” method to check on how I was during the exam.

    One thing that changed since your tips is that now Salesforce sends you the percentage of competion for each area in any case (fail or success).
    The old days when you got just “Pass” (hourayyyyyyy!!! — like the women in webassessor login page) or “Fail” (what ??? honestly!!) are gone !

    Best regards,

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