How to Win at Salesforce Mobility

Why Great Mobile User Experience is Essential for Salesforce Users

The world has gone mobile. When you can do everything on your smartphone, there are fewer and fewer reasons to boot up – or even own – a laptop. Apps like Uber, Amazon and AliExpress have become household names, mostly thanks to their great design and user-friendliness.

However, when was the last time you had a great experience while using an enterprise mobile app? Today, the quality gap between B2C and work-related mobile apps is still enormous. At the same time, the mobile trend is unstoppable and business users are also bound to embrace a mobile-only world.

Mobile use of Salesforce is crucial for sales success

The world has changed and people expect real-time information to be available anywhere. Sales professionals want to look up the latest customer data just before they enter their next meeting. Customers expect this, too – sales reps armed with the latest updates are better equipped to provide top notch customer service.

Mobile CRMs, like Salesforce, allow looking up customer data stored in the cloud. However, viewing data is only one side of the coin – mobile professionals should be able to capture new data with the same ease.

Real-time data is a two-way street: it benefits a sales rep in the field but it is also vital for sales managers and other team members working through the cloud.

Getting data to Salesforce is a hurdle you must jump

We all know the challenge. Entering data to a CRM, in most cases, takes its time and that’s why it always gets delayed – or left completely undone. Many sales professionals only submit some of the data and instead rely on their personal notes or short-term memory.

Unavailable data (or low-quality, error-infested data) is a huge problem for an organization. Sales leaders want to lead their teams with real-time, accurate data. C-level executives want on-demand reports on where the company is right now. Other teams, like marketing and customer service, have to be in the loop, too.

So, how do you enable sales professionals to submit customer data to Salesforce without delay, accurately and comprehensively?

There’s only one viable solution: by making mobile data entry as easy as possible.

Top-end UX + super fast data capture = win

Here’s our formula for ensuring timely, high-quality data in Salesforce. If you are a developer, consider how you could apply this to your solution. If you are a business leader, discuss these things with your development team or service provider.

Automate everything you can. If you can exploit the mobile device’s location, do it. If you can scrape calendars for meeting times and participants, go ahead. Automation reduces manual work and leads to higher data accuracy.

Swipe instead of type. Do you need the traditional, error-prone keyboard for data entry? Could you rely on modern interactions, like swiping and tapping? Techniques like speech-to-text recognition is getting more accurate all the time.

Picture a thousand words. Sometimes a quick camera snapshot communicates a lot. Allow using photos as visual notes. Note that a camera can be used for many purposes, such as scanning business card details directly to Salesforce contacts.

Fast Customization. Less is more. In mobile it is crucial that users can access the relevant content super fast. Take away everything that might prevent this. Make sure to customize to a team, or even user level.

Combine to win. Two apps is always worse than one. Make sure that your mobile application has both easy access to all your Salesforce content AND super fast data input abilities.

So, what is the benefit? I believe that good mobile UX boosts employee productivity and motivation as well as CRM data quality and availability. When data entry is easy, sales professionals can concentrate on the things they see crucial for success and where they provide the most value.

If you want to hear more on how you and your organization can take your Salesforce truly mobile with Zero Keyboard, drop us a line!

About the author:Antti Rikkinen is the COO and Co-Founder of Zero Keyboard, a solution dedicated to the fastest Salesforce data capture and retrieval while on the move.

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2 thoughts on “How to Win at Salesforce Mobility

  1. This is a very helpful article. Our team is currently using ZeroKeyboard and I can’t say enough great things about the interface. It has increased the accuracy of our meeting tracking mainly because it’s so intuitive for the sales team. I would highly recommend ZeroKeyboard for anybody looking to capture more data from your external sales team.

    1. Thank you Chris! We are extremely happy that you and your team have found the benefits of great mobile usability. Our pace to make the solution even better is getting faster and faster. Let us know how these coming sales productivity features work for you and please keep sharing your insights also in the future!

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