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Salesforce QuipSalesforce recently purchased Quip, a Word Processing app for $750 million. The acquisition was completed shortly before Dreamforce, so understandably the was a lot of advertising around Quip and Mark Benioff even mentioned it during his key note. He referred to it as the most used app on his iPhone (amazed this isn’t Salesforce1) and also referenced Remington by using the famous line – “I liked the app so much I bought the company”.

Our company started using Quip at Dreamforce, to be honest it was mainly because they were giving away t-shirts and we all love swag. Now we are back into work and we still use Quip on a daily basis and genuinely love it.

What does it do?

Quip is like a combination of Slack and Google docs rolled into one. I have always felt that Google docs works surprisingly poorly on a mobile device and now I realise just how much of a problem this actually is. Quip however is amazing on a phone or tablet (This article is being  written on my way to work using my phone).

Where Quip really gets super powerful is the way that all of the entities work so seamlessly together.

If for example I have a spreadsheet and a word processor style document, I can insert the spreadsheet directly in the document and even reference individual cells. For example you could have a formula field and simply reference this in the document.

Take the below as an example:

I have a spreadsheet where I have a list of my teams opportunities that are due to close this quarter, if I want to i to reference a cell in the document then I simply select formula and then reference the cell number. So I can easily see my teams opportunities for this quarter total is 139,000.  As soon  as I make a change in the spreadsheet this will automatically show my new value as this is a live document. Thanks Quip!

Where the collaboration really gets interesting is the inbuilt chat. In the below example I noticed that an opportunity that I wanted more info on as it’s a big deal that I had heard was already closed. Typically I would use mail / chatter to get this information but in Quip I do it directly in the document. Chats appear inline in the document if you want, or purely in the chat window.

@Marek, I thought that the opportunity for  United Oil Plant Standby Generators was due to be signed. What happened with it? Can anyone help with progressing this at all?

@Richard, Due to sign today. Will update opportunity after meeting.

Quip Spreadsheet

As impressive as this currently is it will truly become mind boggling powerful is when we get the ability to pull data from Salesforce directly which is just around the corner.

Code Snippets

Another really nice feature of Quip is the ability to store code in code blocks. This makes the code very simple to read and also with the chat functionality then this could easily be shared between team members for review.


Uploading of existing files

You can upload your existing documents to Quip. The supported files for upload to Quip are

(.csv; .doc; .docx; .odf; .ods; .odt; .pdf; .htm; .html; .rtf; .txt; .xls; .xlsx)

Export of files

You can export Quip documents to Excel, Word, PDF, Markdown, HTML, LaTeX and CSV. You can also send a link to your document where invited users can edit using the app  or simply via the browser

Device support

For mobiles and tablets there are apps available forAndroid (Ice Cream Sandwich or later) and iOS 8 or above. There is also a download available for Windows and Mac, for Linux users Google Chrome is the best option.

History Tracking

The history tracking of Quip is very powerful, you can quickly see what has changed and have the ability to revert back to a previous version.



Quip is already a very strong product but with the upcoming Salesforce integration, we saw an early release of this demoed at Dreamforce it really will become massively powerful. There are more features that are available that I have yet to investigate, such as Slack integration but apart from the “just around the corner” Salesforce integration I don’t feel that anything is missing.

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