An Introduction to MyTrailhead

I’m now back to normal life, leaving my first dreamforce ever with the feeling of ‘aha! I knew it’, I wonder if Einstein could have predicted my prediction?

About 6 months ago Salesforce launched Trailhead Tracker, something that most, if not all, were very excited about, an appexchange app to enable you to pull trailhead content within your org to assign certain badges to your users. Such a great idea and in high demand, yet it had a limitation… companies wanted to use that great framework to enable their own content.

In my post announcing the tracker 6 months ago I mentioned:

This is only the beginning, in 2014 Salesforce Labs released the listing “Almond”, one of many hidden gems from the app exchange, it is a Learning Management tool. I can see with the recent app listing, legacy of Almond and Salesforce extending its use for our organizations internally… the trailhead framework has endless possibilities, I cannot wait to see what’s coming next!

This is was announced as one of the big upcoming capabilities in Marc Benioff’s keynote as, MyTrailhead!

With this Salesforce is expanding the Trailhead platform to enable companies to customise their own relevant learning environment with owned content and branding, to support learning processes specifically for their company, as well as their skill base.

Taking the opportunity of being at Dreamforce I embarked on a mini-quest and had some conversations with some of the product employees and the MyTrailhead booth staff, my findings: (this is coming up – not yet available)

– It will really ‘sit’ within trailhead

– The Trailhead Tracker is part of the suite

– From an organisation’s perspective, you can create content like your own badges and questions

– You will be able to create ‘trailmixes’ for example, an on-boarding module with CRM basics + YourOwn Health&Safety badges

– Skills are part of User profile so that is easy to assess new roles or project readiness and/or path for it

– For those who remember, there is a bit of that engagement/rewards/collaboration in an enhanced way

– myTrailhead will be priced (most likely license based)

If you are eager to learn more go to and fill the form to stay on updated with the latest news on MyTrailhead. Happy Trailblazing!


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