New Trailhead Trail – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Our favourite Salesforce learning platform has just released a brand new Trail consisting of four modules and entitled “Navigating the Salesforce Advantage“. This theory based Trail walks you through Salesforce’s key differentiators that drive their success including, core values, innovative technology and vibrant ecosystem. Having just recently taken these modules, it’s a great reminder for Salesforce veterans and newbies alike to go back to the roots of what makes Salesforce such a fantastic platform. This Trail can be relevant to all kinds of experience levels and professions, especially for sales or pre-sales who need to articulate the benefits of cloud and Salesforce to clients.


For all you big Trailhead fans you have 4 more badges to grab ahold of, let’s go over the content of each one.


Salesforce Success Model – Covers Salesforce’s 4 core differentiators (Innovation, Customer Success, Leadership, Giving Back with 1-1-1)


Salesforce Cloud Benefits – Talks about the difference between classical hardware/software models compared to cloud


Salesforce Technology Basics – The technology behind Salesforce and the cloud in general (Multi-tenancy, Metadata, Trust/Security)


Salesforce Ecosystem – Learning about the customer community that completes the Salesforce Ecosystem


This is a great Trail for Administrator, Developers, Consultants, users and even people looking to buy Salesforce or looking at a possible career path. It gives you a great overview of the company, product, technology and the community surrounding the platform. Personally for me, sometimes being so wrapped up in the technical side and playing around with all the new features, it’s easy to forget the basics. Even though most of us take Cloud technology for granted, and the ability to access our CRM and other Apps from any device wherever we are. This is of course not as obvious for some people moving from a classic on-premise system, this Trail gives you a great refresher of some of those points.

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