Sales Cloud Quiz, Tips and Resources

As some of you may very well know I completed my Sales Cloud Exam last week and have since completed a guide which details my experience with a few pointers and a sample “difficult” question. I also have listed some of the resources that I used to successfully pass the exam.

The last piece of the puzzle is now also completed which is my Sales Cloud Quiz. I have put over 30 questions that I used to revise in this Exam and I will also be updating it regularly. Hopefully all of this will provide a great platform for learning! I also have a couple of other Quizzes for the Administrator and Developer exams.

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6 thoughts on “Sales Cloud Quiz, Tips and Resources

  1. Hi Ben,

    My colleague sent through your website as a good resource for the Sales Cloud exam but the link about to the quiz doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It takes me back to this page!!




      Hi Bryan,

      Say thanks to your colleague! I’m afraid I’ve had to take it down for various reasons, I hope to have it back up towards the end of the month but no promises yet.



  2. Hi Ben,
    Thank you very much for all the detailed suggestions, they are very helpful .
    Is there a possibility of you sharing the Quiz again I think I missed it .

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