Salesforce Administrator Exam Resources

Below are a lot of different varieties of study material to help you pass the Certified Salesforce Administrator Exam. Let me know in the comments if you have found anything that really helped you. I’ll add it in and update over time.

Implementation Guides

Security Implementation Guide – Mega Guide 112 Pages

Getting a Head Start with Chatter

Record Types Overview

Overview of Roles

Lead Implementation Guide

Campaign Implementation Guide

Online Certification Training

Simplilearn Administrator & App Builder Certification Training

YouTube Training

Reports and Dashboards

Sales Cloud Administration

Campaign and Lead Management

Introduction to

Introduction to Salesforce Security Model

Custom Objects and Apps

Introduction to Salesforce Certified Administrator 

Salesforce Training Playlist


Salesforce Ben Quiz!

Quizlet Flash Cards Part 1 

Quizlet Flash Cards Part 2

Quizlet Flash Cards Part 3

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9 thoughts on “Salesforce Administrator Exam Resources

  1. This is a great list. I’ll just add a strategy rather than a document. I looked at the study guide, then tailored my study to that – so if security was 35% of the exam, then I focused more on that than another area that was only, say, 5% of the exam. I’m using that same approach now to study for the ADM211 exam, in addition to joining the Certification Study Group on the Success Community. Wish me luck!



      Great strategy Toya, I did something very similar. I’ve got a more in depth guide coming out next week to this exam as well. I’m sure you will do fine :D!

  2. Hi Ben

    Is there a salesforce sandpit/dev instance that a newbie can use to follow the tutorial guide as practice to using salesforce. Unfortunately we don’t use salesforce at work but I would like to practice at home to stay in touch with what I used previously.


  3. Hey Ben,
    I found the Mock Exams to be very helpful in boosting confidence and exposing weak areas. Thanks! I had a little trouble understanding the flashcard sets, though. What format do they follow? Q & A? Or are they just random topics from each section?

  4. Hi Ben! The link to the Quizlet Flash Cards Part 1 seems to be broken. Can you let me know where I can find those?

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