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The Salesforce Administrator Certification is the foundation and first building block to a lot of users careers in Salesforce. This certification arms you with everything you need to administer a successful implementation of Salesforce and covers areas such as Security, Standard Objects, Managing Users, Managing Data, Customizing and Reporting.  If you are unfamiliar or new to Salesforce Certifications are then check out my Introduction to Salesforce Certifications.

First up this Salesforce Exam is not easy and a lot of people are extremely proud of this certification as you will see on Twitter and Linkedin Profiles displaying the logo. By no means is this certification unreachable for someone who isn’t too confident in the IT world but it will require you to revise hard, even if you have been administering Salesforce for 2 years+. And this is one of the things I love about this exam, it forces you to revise areas and features of Salesforce you would have not come across otherwise. Which means its not just a formality doing this exam, it will actually make you a better administrator from taking it.

It forces you to revise areas and features of Salesforce you would have not come across otherwise

Material & Revision

Being the most popular Certification, you are spoiled for choice with online revision material so this is definitely an Exam you can revise for on your own. However, if you would like to take a official class then you can check them out here. I would also recommend looking at Simplilearn’s  comprehensive Administrator Course that will prepare you for the certification at 1/4th of the official course price

Like any Salesforce exam, the best method to passing is a mixture of revision and practical application. Whether that is actually working in a live Salesforce environment (Advisable but not always possible) or practising in a Developer Org. If you haven’t already and even if you have been working out of a Live Org, sign up for a Developer Org straight away, this will give you a full edition of Salesforce to test out what you have learned about.

The best place to start as always is the Salesforce Study Guide, this will give you a good overview of the content  the question format and also some sample questions to start you off.  Salesforce have a few different resources to revise for the exams. Excluding the paid classes mentioned above, Salesforce has a bunch of implementation guides that are completely free and will walk you through all their features. I will include these in a separate article Salesforce Administrator Exam Resources. If you are lucky enough for your company to use Salesforce and have Premier Support, you will also have access to a bunch of training articles and videos that are extremely helpful to revise. This does make things slightly easier.

Final Tips

  • Sign up for a Developer Org! It’s your key to passing!
  • This exam is all about facts,take in as much information as possible and try as many out in your Dev Org.
  • Salesforce are notorious for wording the questions in a clever way. Read it through carefully, it might contain clues.
  • The Multiple Choice answers will usually have two you can disregard straight away.
  • Salesforce give you plenty of time to finish these exams, always re read each question and answer, I usually end up changing a few.
  • I will be working on revision guides for specific topics over the coming year. Sign up to my blog to receive notifications of these!
  • Take online Quizzes to get familiar with the question format, like my ADM201 Exam.

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6 thoughts on “Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide & Tips

  1. Hi Ben

    I am a Salesforce system administrator at work and in the past 2 years have been working on implementing a system which will work with the business. I really enjoy working with Salesforce and keen to now learn more and take the exam. I have looked at numerous websites which have been recommended to me and feel there is too much info and don’t really know where to start! i have looked and the study guide and i am trying to find documentations which cover each specific objective. I know you have clearly provided a guide above but was wondering if there was a textbook which covers everything i need to know rather than having to flick through numerous websites! i have come across the 5500 page document which looks daunting! Please could provide me with advice on where / what subjects i should be covering?

  2. Hi Ben,

    Is it possible that there is a mistake in this section. The word used is Revise or Revision and I think you mean review or reviewed? Otherwise I am not sure what you mean by Revise in these areas?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Ben,

    I just took your mock quiz and found it to be super helpful. Do you have an updated question bank for 2017?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Ben,
    I am currently in my self preparation exercise towards the admin certification. I actively go through the trailheads and also take up the projects within trailhead. However when I take the exams, I realise that trail heads and projects are not helping me answer all those tricky exam questions. Also I am not able to gather a good step by step approach to ensure I am meeting the exam criteria. I often come across a new material/guide and then come back to square one.
    Can you please help me ?


    John K M

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