Salesforce Job Market Summary – Infographic

Time and time again we hear stories of people who have made a career out of Salesforce and never looked back. Looking around the community you see people with 5 years, 9 years, and a few are more than 15 years into their Salesforce journey.

For some this is incredibly inspiring – “They’ve been doing this for 9+ years and still talk about learning new things every day and loving their work!” But for others this may be concerning – “Salesforce has been around for almost 20 years and has already gained so much market share. I know tech, and it’s hard to keep growing steadily for such a long stretch. Is it really worth committing to learning Salesforce at this point?”

While that may sound ridiculous, people do actually think about it this way. I know this because I had these same doubts as I started learning and it really dragged on my motivation to continue. But, after doing some research I quickly realized that there has never been a better time to start – or double down on – learning Salesforce.

That’s why I decided to put together this infographic about how great having a job working with Salesforce truly can be. I hope the data we’ve collected can inspire you as much as it has inspired me!


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