The Secret Weapon: Salesforce Optimizer Report


From the latest Spring’17 release, Salesforce once again delivers a ‘secret admin weapon’: The Optimizer!

Salesforce Optimizer Report is a feature that evaluates your salesforce instances to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve them.

The Optimizer focuses on determining ways to simplify customizations and drive adoption of features. This reports gives you concrete recommendations for how you can improve your Salesforce experience. Just to be clear, the Optimizer only has access to your metadata, not customer data.

With the busy business-as-usual and all different enhancement projects your organization may have, maintaining a suite of features across your org can be, let’s say, intense at times. We have spoken before about The Agile Mindset, things change quickly, to stay competitive we need to inspect & adapt so we can become more efficient. We need to continuously improve, as only learning organizations will keep up with the future.

The report mainly highlights, feature improvements, customisation clean up, reducing complexity, driving feature adoption

Can I use it?

In terms of accessibility:

– Supports editions: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited & Developer

– User Permissions: “Customize Application” & “Modify All Data”.

– You can run Optimizer for both sandbox & production environments.

– Email deliverability is to be set as “All Email” (worth to keep in mind for Sandboxes environments).

– IPs used:,,,

Running the Report

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, navigate to the Setup menu and search on the quick search box Optimizer:

Once the analysis is completed you will received the generated PDF report straight to your inbox. Salesforce has included a great deal of features and customisations in this first release of the Optimizer, but it may not include all of your Org customisations. You can look to find suggestions for Fields, Apex Triggers, Page Layouts, Report Typers, Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules and Administrator Permissions.

Once you get the email and report, run through the recommendations and put together a priority list on how you can ‘optimize’ your salesforce org!

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Weapon: Salesforce Optimizer Report

  1. Hey Ben,

    Love the name of the site. How long does the Optimizer report take to run? I’m running it in a full copy sandbox, with ‘all email’ enabled, and the IP addresses are whitelisted.


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  3. HI, I am getting a great help from the optimizer report. It shows the first few list of, for example ‘unused XYZ’. But how do I get the entire list of XYZ?

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