Top 10 Posts of 2018: Admin Edition

Which Salesforce Admin content came out on top in 2018?

We were curious too – which is why we’ve ranked the top 10 blog posts published this year across Salesforceben and The DRIP, by pageviews.

Salesforce Ben just published our 500th post, which brings the combined total to over 620 pieces of content! We are proud to have created content that appeals to a wide-ranging audience, which includes Salesforce Admins, Developers, Consultants, Marketers and Business Users – by no means an exhaustive list either!

What a year it’s been, and what better way to reflect on the news highlights and trends than a countdown chosen by you.

10. 8 Quick Validation Rules – Cleaner Sales Cloud Data Guaranteed!

First up we have a great post to inspire your Sales Cloud implementation. This was shortly followed by our Service Cloud post with similar content. This post will give you some great ideas to implement in your Org and to understand what kind of fields should require a Validation Rule.

9. Mason Frank Salesforce Salary – Findings & Insights

Our friends over at Mason Frank have assembled the largest Salesforce Salary Survey over the past few years, providing updates and insights into the industry. This post gives a complete overview the Salesforce Ecosystem including Skills, Product & Experience.

8. 30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

Got a Salesforce Admin interview coming up? Ensure that you can answer all of these questions that may come up in your interview. A Salesforce Admin needs to have a well-rounded view of all Salesforce features to ensure they can suggest and implement the best solutions possible.

7. 4 Salesforce Admin Tips for a more User-friendly Org

Here’s another post from one of our regular authors, Maria. To ensure user adoption and that your companies employees have the best experience of Salesforce possible, rely on some of these best practice user experience tips.

6. How do I Get Salesforce Experience?

As part of Adam Gill’s blog series, “A Salesforce Odyssey“, Adam talks through his experience of rising through the ranks to become a CRM Manager. One of the most important questions for newcomers is answered in this post, how do I get Salesforce experience?

5. Default List Views in Salesforce – It’s Finally Here!

A feature that is one of the most requested of all time, is how to default list views. Well with the recent updates to Lightning, it’s now possible! Check out this very quick article and wow your users.

4. Top 6 Salesforce Acquisitions of All-time – where are they now?

Salesforce are famous for spending a lot of cash on exciting and innovative companies to introduce into their product suite. The largest and latest of these was Mulesoft bought for $6.5B, check out this article and find out where these companies fit in the Salesforce suite of products.

3. An Introduction to Salesforce Flow

Flow is one of the most powerful automation features within Salesforce. It’s a mixture of classic point and click, and more of a development language. Learning Flow could be one of the best features you learn in Salesforce!

2. When to use Record Types Vs Page Layouts?

Something that can take Admin’s a while to get their head around, is when to use Page Layouts Vs Record Types. Although these features are quite different, it can take a while to understand which one is best to use in a certain scenario (As you could potentially use both for multiple scenarios). In this post, we go through a few examples, and explain when to use which.

1. Workflow Rules vs. Process Builder (feat. APEX)

For our #1 of 2018, we see a trend with #2! In this great post by Michael Grandfel, he breaks down the different components of each automation tool in Salesforce. This will give you a fantastic idea of what is possible, and what is not possible with Workflows & Process Builder (Also when to use Apex as well!).

That wraps up our overview for 2018! We hope you’ve enjoyed the blog as much as we have collating these fantastic articles. We would like to give a massive shout out to all the fantastic bloggers that have put in the hard work to produce these articles and continue to support the Salesforce ecosystem. We would also like to thank all the readers of for supporting the blog, sharing the content, and providing feedback to us, without you we wouldn’t be here!

Happy holidays!

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