Want to Know Salesforce Einstein Pricing?

Meet Einstein, AI for everyone.

Salesforce officially announced Einstein at Dreamforce 2016, where the majority of us got a glimpse of Benioff’s brain child for the first time. Einstein was preceded by a huge investment in AI & Machine Learning by Salesforce, they acquired 12 companies in 2016 of which half of those were focused on AI and data discovery.

Since Winter ’17 there have been a few drips of what is going to actually be possible with Einstein and how this is going to affect our day to day lives as users, admins and developers. This has continued with Spring ’17 where there has been a big focus on providing more updates and making Einstein more accessible than ever to the Salesforce community. If you would like to get a glimpse of what will be possible with Einstein across all clouds, then check out the infographic we created.

One of the most common questions I’ve seen asked around the community, is how much does this all actually cost?! Well I’m very happy to give you a glimpse into the world of Einstein pricing..

Sales Cloud

So far Einsteins presence within the Sales cloud has been pretty exciting, the features that are available include,Opportunity Insights, Account Insights, Automatic Lead Scoring and Activity Capture (Logging automatic emails from Salesforce Inbox.


Service Cloud

Einstein in conjunction with Service Cloud is one of the areas I’m most excited about. With some companies taking in huge amount of cases each day, there is a huge opportunity to analyse and dissect this data to find patterns and insights. Solving cases faster and smarter is something Salesforce has focussed on for years, but this could take it to a whole new level.

Community Cloud

With Salesforce making huge strides on their community product over the last couple of years, it’s great to see them embedding Einstein as well. Over the past couple of releases, Salesforce has focussed on the communities with discussions to drive engagement and get posts directed to the right people. This includes Recommendations, Experts and Trending Posts.

Marketing Cloud

Pardot & Marketing cloud are already giving us amazing insights about our customers and engagement. Einstein is taking this one step further to do our job for us! Two of the most amazing features are using Krux, one of the companies acquired last year. Krux can actually build audiences for a campaign, and suggest the optimal sequence of events for a particular journey. Incredible..


The above images have been taken from the Salesforce Einstein cheatsheet that was published earlier this week. Please check out the full pricing including other clouds from the link above.

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